How to get free cryptocurrency with faucet

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How to get free cryptocurrency with faucet

This article will be very useful for you because it will make you generate free crypto easily and of course you don't need to require special skills, only with a phone or computer you can get crypto

Our previous article discussed how to create a faucetpay account or small wallet for cryptocurrency and we will continue to discuss getting free crypto in a very easy way, please read this article to the end.

First, you just need to access the website on the front page, you only need to enter the faucetpay email address that you created, if you haven't made it yet, you can create one at the following link

Create faucetpay account

The way to get free crypto is by going to the faucet menu and then selecting the coins you will get, for example the bitcoins that you will collect into your faucetpay wallet, then complete short tasks such as completing antibotlinks then complete and claim like you open a faucet.

the next way is by completing a very easy short link, you can see the tutorial on the video that has been uploaded on youtube, the reward given is certainly greater because this task is a little difficult because there are many annoying ads but for those of you who are already proficient of course this is very easy

The last way is by inviting as many friends as this is usually done in the crypto world to give gifts to users so that they visit the website more often to open the faucet.

This article was created to connect to our previous article in the world of cryptocurrency faucets and of course we will also discuss financial challenges or stocks that have the potential to make money easily without the risk that you will lose.