Make money online with tiktok

TikTok is a social media platform that allows its users to record short videos accompanied by music

Make money online with tiktok

This short video application was originally called Douyin, which was released by a Chinese company, namely ByteDance in 2016. It only took one year, Douyin already has around 100 million users in China

For those of you who own brands, personal accounts, or even for beginners, there are several ways to get money from TikTok that you can try

  1. Sponsored Content
  2. Post Donate or Payout Coins
  3. Account Manager Services or TikTok Manager
  4. Live-streaming on the TikTok
  5. Shop Buy and Sell TikTok Accounts
  6. TikTok Marketing Influencer
  7. Marketing TikTok Influencers
  8. Music Promotion
  9. Directing Traffic to Other Platforms

If you are a content creator, then you are very suitable for using this application because this application is very good for those of you who like traveling, culinary, funny videos. Make short videos as interesting as possible so that your followers know you are promoting something

Apart from that, you can also sell goods such as clothes, bags and other goods by means of live streaming But of course this is different from Adsense because here you only need to make videos of the highest quality so that you will have more and more video visitors